Benefits of Rigid Cover Board - Roofing Representatives

Benefits of Rigid Cover Board

During this one-hour session attendees will gain a better understanding of the value rigid cover boards deliver to commercial roof assemblies, how they perform in adverse conditions and bring clarity to the characteristics of each major type of board. During this session we’ll review the evolution of cover boards, performance in adverse conditions, how they work to protect design intent, comparison of different cover board types,different systems and attachment types.


  1. Gain an understanding of the performance advantages rigid cover boards deliver in adverse conditions including wind uplift, moisture, hail/puncture, foot traffic and excessive noise.
  2. Bring clarity to the performance characteristics of each major type of rigid cover board including Plywood/OSB, Mineral Fiberboard, Perlite, Asphaltic Board, High Density Polyisocyanurate (HD ISO), Gypsum Fiber and Glass Mat Gypsum.
  3. How to estimate financial benefits a cover board provides a building owner (longer life span, less maintenance….) and how to protect your design intent.

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