Building Envelope Solution - BE101 - Roofing Representatives

Building Envelope Solution – BE101

The building envelope consists of all exterior components of a building’s–roof, walls, below-grade waterproofing, windows, skylights, and so on. When looking at these components it is important that each one be taken into consideration to prevent moisture or air from migrating into the building. The envelope is a complicated and integral part of any high-performance building. However, it is often the most neglected portion. This presentation aims to educate the participants on the importance of the building envelope and how the individual components contained within the system must be designed, constructed, and maintained to ensure a long lasting, energy efficient building.


  1. Recognize the importance of the building envelope concept. Course participants will learn of the impact that proper building envelope design has on occupant heath and comfort, energy savings and building longevity.
  2. Identify and select performance based products for foundations, walls and roofing systems to ensure a proper physical barrier between the inside conditioned space and the outside unconditioned space of a building. Course participants will learn the importance of air barriers, moisture barriers and thermal barriers.
  3. Design, best-practices and installation of the building envelope system. Course participants will learn the importance of proper placement of key components within the building envelope system so that they work together to improve the performance of the building. In addition, installation best- practices and product limitations will be covered.
  4. Proper tie-in detailing between foundation and wall, wall and roof and roof and window will be presented and explained so that course participants can incorporate this knowledge into future designs.

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