Cold Storage - Roof System Considerations – CCM123 - Roofing Representatives

Cold Storage – Roof System Considerations – CCM123

This presentation will bring knowledge of roof system design considerations when dealing with cold storage applications. The presenter will discuss various types of cold storage application techniques and provide insight on the importance of understanding internal climate zones and how they may impact design considerations for the roof system assembly.

The presenter will discuss considerations for vapor barrier placement based on internal operation conditions as well as selection of insulation requirements. Focus on various insulation types, R value recommendations, and attachment options will also be discussed.

The presenter will then discuss various types of single ply membranes as well as attachment options and considerations. The final and most critical segment will focus on detail considerations of the thermal envelope transitions. This will include wall to roof, roof to wall, internal climate transitions as well as roof penetrations.

The presentation will end with a Q&A session and key takeaway points.


  1. Understanding of typical cold storage construction methods
  2. The importance of understanding internal operations and conditions
  3. Vapor barrier consideration and proper placement
  4. ASHRAE recommended insulation R values & types
  5. Importance of vapor seal transitions

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