Enhancing Durability & Energy Performance - SDC107 - Roofing Representatives

Enhancing Durability & Energy Performance – SDC107

The one-hour session will cover options on how to go beyond a manufacturer’s specification to incorporate durable products and roofing assemblies. A review of membranes, insulations, cover boards, and insulation attachments will all be considered. In addition, time will be spent discussing energy performance of the roof assembly and materials, a review of energy analysis comparing different roof assemblies and various color membranes associated to geographic locations, and the potential impact on the building performance.


  1. Understanding sustainability in roofing
  2. Present trends within the industry offering Energy-Efficient assemblies.
  3. Understanding energy-efficient roofing options and subsequent performance based on material color, insulation levels, building location and climatic conditions
  4. Review current life cycle calculators/software to show energy performance, carbon emission and lifecycle analysis

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