Moisture Migration: Causes and Cures - RFG603 - Roofing Representatives

Moisture Migration: Causes and Cures – RFG603

Advances in product technology and building codes/standards have created unforeseen consequences with moisture migration from different sources entering into the roof assembly and affecting its long-term performance. During this course we will discuss how the moisture moved into the assembly and the result. We will highlight the overlooked details as well as how to mitigate or correct these concerns prior to installation.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Learn how moisture migrates through vapor drive and results in possible condensation.
  2. Understand the sources of vapor moisture and how to control them.
  3. Comprehend the concerns of modifying the use of a building without considering the roofing assembly.
  4. Understand the issues about moisture in concrete, drying times, field testing, and roofing installation options

Educational Content: Advanced

Continuing Education Units: 1