Pushing the Envelope - Going Beyond Conceptual Design – BE301 - Roofing Representatives

Pushing the Envelope – Going Beyond Conceptual Design – BE301

Over the past several years, the building envelope concept has been well promoted and established as a means for energy efficiency and building performance. With the vast product offering available today comes confusion and misinformation. Building designers are often left guessing about product compatibility and proper design, leading to the potential of costly failures. The focus of this presentation is to dive deeper, beyond the concept, and into proper building envelope design. The presentation aims to educated attendees on proper product selection and performance characteristics, codes and testing, and proper tie-in detailing to ensure a continuous air seal.


  1. Recognize what is at stake with improper building envelope design and discuss the ideal building types that benefit the most from building envelope systems. In addition, we will be discussing the codes requiring proper building envelope design and what is being required.
  2. How to select and properly install functional air/vapor barriers for roof, wall and below grade applications. In addition, we will explore how to properly detail and tie-in common building materials to create and maintain a continuous air seal. We will look at some of the common and often difficult conditions that can exist.
  3. Using a holistic approach for examining and selecting exterior continuous insulation options for rainscreen wall assemblies. We will analyze popular exterior continuous insulation options with an emphasis on selecting a material that functions well during all weather conditions.
  4. Identify a few common material and system tests required to meet building energy and safety codes.

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