Roofing Warranty. What Lies Within - RFG302 - Roofing Representatives

Roofing Warranty. What Lies Within – RFG302

This session will take a close look at the durations offered on roof warranties to provide a better understanding of what is actually being covered by the membrane manufacturer. The presentation will include a discussion which will focus on selecting the correct roofing materials associated with the desired warranty duration. The session will also explain the importance of what is actually being covered under warranty, and ways in which the duration of warranty coverage can be misleading.  In addition, examples of terminology commonly used within warranties will be dissected to show how language can be used to protect the membrane  manufacturer. Information will be provided to assist the designer and building owner in identifying and selecting key terms that should be included in the warranty to ensure they are getting the best warranty possible.


  1. Learn that proper roofing system performance is based on design, materials and workmanship.
  2. Understand what is being offered beyond the duration of a roofing warranty.
  3. Identify and discuss example phrases which demonstrate ways in which some warranties can be misleading.
  4. Review a checklist of phrases that should be included in all warranties to make sure the building owner receives a durable and sustainable roofing assembly

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