Strengthening LEED - CCM124 - Roofing Representatives

Strengthening LEED – CCM124

This course outlines the logic and reasoning behind a proposal to strengthen the LEED program by restricting the “White Roof” LEED point to urban areas in ASHRAE Zones 1-3


  1. Understand the Environmental impact with regards to net energy efficiency and global warming impact from reflecting heat back into the atmosphere
  2. Understand the impact on Sustainability, Weatherability and Resilience from the current LEED point for Urban Heat Island mitigation that encourages the use of white roof membranes regardless of where the building is located.
  3. Understand how the adoption of white roofs in certain climates may be contributing to unintended public or operational hazards/safety issues as well as the perception of LEED buildings.
  4. Understand what your firm can do to be proactive regarding a change to the White Roof Urban Heat Island LEED point.

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