The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coatings - Roofing Representatives

The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coatings

This course will focus on the sustainability benefits of roof coatings. Specifically attendees will learn more about various types of coatings, how coatings combat adverse climatic factors, typical energy savings, benefits to urban areas, installation and application methods.


  1. Identify roof factors that drive sustainability and energy efficiency in a building, such as reflectivity, emissivity, thermal shock, renewable resources, heat island effect and geographic location.
  2. Understanding of roof sustainability terms, inititiaves and standards including ASTM, Energy Star, CRRC and LEED.
  3. Illustrate using examples from the course “Cool Roofing” and its benefits to the building, the environment, the community and the owner.
  4. List types of sustainable coatings and installation techniques; including substrate preparation methods.
  5. Understand the importance of code compliance and other factors that can impact the selection of cool roofing products.
  6. Leverage your knowledge of sustainable factors to help the building owner save energy and money while helping the environment and improving building safety.

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