TPO Technology: Performance & Recent Developments - TPO101 - Roofing Representatives

TPO Technology: Performance & Recent Developments – TPO101

TPO roofing membrane has now been part of the roofing industry for 20 years and has become the leading segment as far as total volume used on an annual basis. With almost 10 billion square feet installed around the world, TPO has proven that it is an effective roofing material providing building owners with a low-cost, highly reflective, energy efficient roof system. Participants will learn the advantages of TPO roofing membrane versus other materials and how the use of new technology has allowed TPO to become even more resistant to a wide range of rooftop conditions. There is a reason for the astronomical growth of this roofing membrane and the presenters will shed light on the reasons why.


  1. Review physical performance data that demonstrate the sustainability and long term performance of TPO roofing membranes.
  2. Understand the incorporation of new technologies into TPO membrane and the substantial increases in performance that have resulted.
  3. Learn about heat welding seaming technology that allows TPO roof membrane to be installed quickly and consistently resulting in a system that is impervious to water infiltration.
  4. Understand   why   TPO   roofing   membrane   manufacturers   can produce membrane without scrap that would typically be shipped to a landfill

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