Vegetated Roofing Systems GR101 - Roofing Representatives

Vegetated Roofing Systems GR101

This one-hour session will cover the history, purpose, benefits, components, installation and code considerations of vegetative roofing systems. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the use of vegetative roofs, their environmental benefits, as well as their durability. All common system types are covered as well as detailed information on the components which are part of a vegetative roof assembly.


  1. History of Vegetative Roofs as well as reasons for their use in current construction practices.
  2. Understand the definition of storm water management and the role vegetative roofs can play in reducing storm water runoff.
  3. Understand the Urban Heat Island Effect and the role vegetative and other roof types can accomplish heat island mitigation.
  4. Wind and Structural Design of the rooftop and the considerations to be made when deciding on incorporation of a vegetative roof.

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