Projects - Roofing Representatives

At any given time Roofing Representatives is tracking several projects across Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. We will update this list each week so you can check back and contact us if you have any questions or interest on anything on this list. Please let us know if there are any projects we may be missing so we can better serve you.

Bid Date Opportunity Name City/State
07-Jan-20 Durand CUSD #322 Durand, IL
07-Jan-20 OPS New HS 156 & Ida Omaha, NE
07-Jan-20 Studebaker Elementary Reroof Des Moines, IA
09-Jan-20 DMPS East High School Auditorium Upgrade DesMoines,IA.
09-Jan-20 Rutland Elementary Ottawa, IL
14-Jan-20 DMPS Hanawalt Elementary School Reroof DesMoines,IA.
14-Jan-20 Hanawalt Elementary School – Re-Roofing Des Moines, IA
14-Jan-20 ICCSD Wicham Elementary School Addition Iowa City,IA.
14-Jan-20 Pizza Ranch Floyd Blvd Expansion Sioux City, IA
14-Jan-20 Wickman Elementary Additon Coralville, IA
15-Jan-20 Musgrove Sterling Fieldhouse Reno Sterling, IL
16-Jan-20 ICCSD Shimek Elementary Iowa City, IA
16-Jan-20 Indianola Water Resource Recovery Facility Indianola, IA
16-Jan-20 OPS New HS 60th & L Omaha, NE
16-Jan-20 Wayne State College Indoor Athletic Complex Reroof Wayne, NE
21-Jan-20 Bondurant MS Reno Bondurant, IA
21-Jan-20 Le Mars Community Center Addition Le Mars, IA
23-Jan-20 Adel New Elementary School Adel, IA
23-Jan-20 Kirkwood – Benton and Iowa Hall Cedar Rapids, IA
23-Jan-20 NECC Vet Tech Bldg Norfolk Norfolk, NE
28-Jan-20 Highland HS/MS Improvements Riverside, IA
30-Jan-20 Kinnikinnick Elem Reroof Roscoe, IL
30-Jan-20 Santee CSD Addition & Renovations Harrington .NE.
30-Jan-20 Storm Lake CSD MS Reroof Storm Lake, IA
06-Feb-20 East Moline Correctional Center Reroof East Moline, IL
Bid Date Opportunity Name City/State
16-Jan-20 OPS New HS 60th & L Omaha, NE