Projects - Roofing Representatives

At any given time Roofing Representatives is tracking several projects across Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. We will update this list each week so you can check back and contact us if you have any questions or interest on anything on this list. Please let us know if there are any projects we may be missing so we can better serve you.

Bid Date Opportunity Name City/State
24-Mar-20 Davenport Public Works Partial Reroof Davenport, IA
24-Mar-20 Guthrie Center CSD Fitness Facility Guthrie Center, IA
24-Mar-20 Wright Co. Courthouse Clarion, IA
25-Mar-20 Sanborn WTP Sanborn, IA
26-Mar-20 Central Lee CSD HS & Addition Donnellson, IA
26-Mar-20 Dallas Center Grimes 5-6 Addtn & Reno Grimes, IA
26-Mar-20 Performing Arts Pavillion Southbridge Mall Mason City, IA
31-Mar-20 Elementary & Middle School Additions Platsmouth,NE.
31-Mar-20 Lincoln & Fairview Elem. Schools Additions Spencer, IA
02-Apr-20 Dixon Correctional Center Reroof Dixon, IL
02-Apr-20 Mark Twain School Reroof Iowa City
02-Apr-20 New Elementary Coolidge Cedar Rapids, IA
02-Apr-20 Waukee CSD Vince Meyer Addition Waukee, IA
06-Apr-20 Bronson Elementary Addition Bronson, IA
08-Apr-20 Carriage Hill Elementary School Addition Papillion
15-Apr-20 WPCF Building Reroofs Cedar Rapids, IA
Bid Date Opportunity Name City/State
26-Mar-20 New Fire Station Beatrice, NE