Projects - Roofing Representatives

At any given time Roofing Representatives is tracking several projects across Iowa, Illinois, and Nebraska. We will update this list each week so you can check back and contact us if you have any questions or interest on anything on this list. Please let us know if there are any projects we may be missing so we can better serve you.

Bid Date Opportunity Name City/State
27-Aug-19 Cornerstone Community Center Pawnee City,NE.
27-Aug-19 OPS Pinewood Elementary Omaha,NE.
29-Aug-19 2019 Riley Roof Replacement Project Marengo, IL
29-Aug-19 Marion Fire Station Marion, IA
29-Aug-19 Midwest Surgical Hospital Short Stay Addition Omaha,NE.
03-Sep-19 Happy Hollow Activities Ctr Omaha, NE
04-Sep-19 CCC Hall Student Union Reroof Hastings ,NE.
04-Sep-19 Cedar Valley Transportation Center Charles City, IA
05-Sep-19 Floyd Co. Law Enforcement & Courthouse Charles City, IA
05-Sep-19 Iowa 2nd Roads New Facilty Glenwood,IA.
05-Sep-19 SE Lincoln Family Medicine Lincoln,NE.
10-Sep-19 New Opportunities Head Start Facility – Carroll Carroll, IA
10-Sep-19 Northside Elem. School and Morrison HS Reroof Morrison, IL
10-Sep-19 UNL Lutheran Center Addition Lincoln,NE.
11-Sep-19 Camelot Community Ctr. Reroof Pase 2 Omaha,NE.
12-Sep-19 State Historical Building Reroof Des Moines, IA
17-Sep-19 Johnson County Access Center Iowa City, IA