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VacuSeal™ V2T Vent

  • February 11, 2019
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V2T Vent
VacuSeal™ V2T Vent

Versico’s VacuSeal™ Vent Secured Roofing System is a complete system solution that utilizes special V2T vents that harness the power of the wind to lock roof membranes in place. VacuSeal systems are quick and easy to install and save you money and labor by substantially reducing the amount of glue, ballast, or fasteners your project requires.

How it Works

How the V2T Vent Works

It’s all because of the Venturi Principle, in which a vacuum is created whenever the speed of the wind moves faster than air in surrounding areas. Each V2T Vent is designed to create that vacuum and leverage its suction to pull air out from under membranes and lock vents into place. Uplift pressures are negated by the greater vacuum force created by each vent. This engineered system is designed to provide optimal performance while opening opportunities for retrofi t and monolithic deck applications

Features and Benefits

• Reduces installation time and minimizes the need for traditional fastening methods

• No cold-weather limitations for installation

• VacuSeal V2T Vents are made from UV-resistant PVC, contain no moving parts, and provide effective performance regardless of wind direction

• UL Certified with uplift certification at 195 psf negative pressure


V2T distribution strips
V2T Vent distribution strips to facilitate air flow

Each application is evaluated with the aid of your Roofing Representative for a custom vent spacing installation guide. This specification will help determine the number and placement of vents. Application itself is easy. Simply lay the cover board, place the distribution strips (shown above) according to your installation guide, roll-out membrane, mark and cut vent placement, then align the vent and flash per Versico’s specifications.

To learn more about the use of this product please contact your local Roofing Representative.