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Versico’s DeckVent EPS

  • November 20, 2018
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Versico’s DeckVent EPS Insulation is ideal for new construction projects with structural concrete or lightweight
structural concrete roof decks. The use of DeckVent EPS in conjunction with the one-way and two-way relief
vents allows the installation of the roof system to begin upon structural cure of concrete.

Concrete decks can take upwards of a year to completely dry and can cause insulation/the roofing system to generate moisture if the roofing system is installed prior to the concrete fully drying.  By installing DeckVent and the pressure relief vents, the system is allowing for air to move.

DeckVent EPS

There are significant benefits to your project timeline and overall long-term quality derived from this roofing application.  To learn more about the features and benefits contact your local Roofing Representative or read the full information sheet.