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The Sustainable Benefits of Roof Coatings

This course will focus on the sustainability benefits of roof coatings. Specifically attendees will learn more about various types of coatings, how coatings combat adverse climatic factors, typical energy savings, benefits to urban areas, installation and application methods. Objectives: Identify roof factors that drive sustainability and energy efficiency in a building, such as reflectivity, emissivity, […]

Benefits of Rigid Cover Board

During this one-hour session attendees will gain a better understanding of the value rigid cover boards deliver to commercial roof assemblies, how they perform in adverse conditions and bring clarity to the characteristics of each major type of board. During this session we’ll review the evolution of cover boards, performance in adverse conditions, how they […]

Black or White Membrane, Sustainability and Energy Efficient Considerations – EPDM301

The one-hour session will cover energy performance of the roof assembly and materials, a review of ASHRAE with a complete energy analysis comparing different roof assemblies and various color membranes associated to geographic locations, “Cool” roofing, and construction generated moisture. Included will be a discussion of benefits and concerns on the interfacing of roof garden […]

Building Envelope Solution – BE101

The building envelope consists of all exterior components of a building’s–roof, walls, below-grade waterproofing, windows, skylights, and so on. When looking at these components it is important that each one be taken into consideration to prevent moisture or air from migrating into the building. The envelope is a complicated and integral part of any high-performance […]

Cold Storage – Roof System Considerations – CCM123

This presentation will bring knowledge of roof system design considerations when dealing with cold storage applications. The presenter will discuss various types of cold storage application techniques and provide insight on the importance of understanding internal climate zones and how they may impact design considerations for the roof system assembly. The presenter will discuss considerations […]

Designing for Performance – Single Ply Roofing Lessons Learned over 40 Years – RFG301

Designing for Performance is based on singly-ply roofing installation conditions that provide the best practice approaches to installations enhancements, including case studies and slides showing conditions and remedies. The presentation provides an overview of areas of single-ply roof systems design including but not limited to: Industry concerns, Metal Edging, Air Infiltration, Flashings, Membrane Securement, Insulation […]

Enhancing Durability & Energy Performance – SDC107

The one-hour session will cover options on how to go beyond a manufacturer’s specification to incorporate durable products and roofing assemblies. A review of membranes, insulations, cover boards, and insulation attachments will all be considered. In addition, time will be spent discussing energy performance of the roof assembly and materials, a review of energy analysis […]

EPDM-Defining the Standard for 50 Years – SDR113

Participants will learn the features and benefits of EPDM roofing solutions that have been proven to perform as well as advancements in technology that contribute to higher quality installations and long term service life. Objectives Review various studies that demonstrate the sustainability and long term performance of EPDM roof designs. Understand the innovative EPDM technologies […]

Metal Roof Edge Design, Testing, and Performance – MTL301

This course will review the important role perimeter roof edge plays in roofing performance and the consequences incurred when it is not done according to code. Content will explain the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 Approval Standard, testing protocols used, and what mandates a certified ES-1 system. Objectives Understanding the Importance of Perimeter Roof Edge Understanding the ANSI/SPRI […]

Insulation Characteristics in Low-Slope Roofing Applications – ISO301

Course will describe Polyisocyanurate Insulation and it’s associated applications in commercial low-slope roofing related to energy efficient design, fire resistance and code compliance Objectives Explanation of Polyisocyanurate Insulation’s attributes related to its use in energy efficient roof systems Understanding thermal resistance values and design best practices for providing long-term thermal efficiency of the building envelope […]

Pushing the Envelope – Going Beyond Conceptual Design – BE301

Over the past several years, the building envelope concept has been well promoted and established as a means for energy efficiency and building performance. With the vast product offering available today comes confusion and misinformation. Building designers are often left guessing about product compatibility and proper design, leading to the potential of costly failures. The […]

PVC Roofing Materials – Performance, Construction, Functionality – PVC301

PVC is one of the most diverse products in the building industry and one of the most misunderstood. This presentation will help to better understand why PVC is one of the most versatile and modifiable thermoplastics. With all the different formulations, types, reinforcements and construction, knowledge of this product type will assist the specifier in […]

Roofing Warranty. What Lies Within – RFG302

This session will take a close look at the durations offered on roof warranties to provide a better understanding of what is actually being covered by the membrane manufacturer. The presentation will include a discussion which will focus on selecting the correct roofing materials associated with the desired warranty duration. The session will also explain […]

Fleece Membranes and Urethane Adhesive – FB301

In this program the participants will learn the physical performance advantages of fleece membranes that enable them to resist the forces of mother nature such as wind, hail, rain, and cold. In addition, they will learn the performance advantages of urethane adhesives that eliminate the dependence on solvents with VOCs or asphalt derived from foreign […]

Roofing Wind Speeds; ASCE 7, Uplift Ratings, & Warranties – RFG601

In the industry there is a need to sort out the confusion between the building codes, uplift rated assemblies, and warranties by explaining what each offers and how they should be considered. To understand the building code, we need to review how uplift is determined and the industry accepted rating method of roofing assemblies for […]