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Single-Ply Roofing Technology – RFG101

This one-hour session will included topics ranging from industry issues, such as enhanced roofing system design options to trends within the market including ANSI/SPRI ES-1 for metal edging, ASCE 7, and the International Building Code, as well as roof system warranties. This presentation will focus on the role single-ply membrane plays in today‚Äôs roofing market […]

Strengthening LEED – CCM124

This course outlines the logic and reasoning behind a proposal to strengthen the LEED program by restricting the “White Roof” LEED point to urban areas in ASHRAE Zones 1-3 Objectives: Understand the Environmental impact with regards to net energy efficiency and global warming impact from reflecting heat back into the atmosphere Understand the impact on […]

TPO Technology: Performance & Recent Developments – TPO101

TPO roofing membrane has now been part of the roofing industry for 20 years and has become the leading segment as far as total volume used on an annual basis. With almost 10 billion square feet installed around the world, TPO has proven that it is an effective roofing material providing building owners with a […]

Vegetated Roofing Systems GR101

This one-hour session will cover the history, purpose, benefits, components, installation and code considerations of vegetative roofing systems. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the use of vegetative roofs, their environmental benefits, as well as their durability. All common system types are covered as well as detailed information on the components which are part […]

Air and Vapor Barriers – AVB301

The Air and Vapor Barriers course will describe the effects of air movement and condensation issues in the roof system. It will also cover energy codes emerging and how air and vapor barriers fit into the new codes Objectives How air movement effects energy consumption based on roof system How air movement effects condensation based […]