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Norway Elementary School

This Project Located in Norway, Iowa feature Versico VersiWeld TPO Rib Profile to give a great aesthetic look

The Dos (& Don’ts) for CAV-GRIP 3V

CAV-GRIP® 3V Low-VOC Adhesive is an optimal choice when you’re installing fully adhered EPDM or TPO roofing systems. This low-odor adhesive requires minimal setup time, dries fast, and can be applied quickly. Its long “open time” makes it a prime candidate for projects utilizing larger sheets. No splatter allows for accurate application so you’re not paying […]

VacuSeal™ V2T Vent

Versico’s VacuSeal™ Vent Secured Roofing System is a complete system solution that utilizes special V2T vents that harness the power of the wind to lock roof membranes in place. VacuSeal systems are quick and easy to install and save you money and labor by substantially reducing the amount of glue, ballast, or fasteners your project […]

Introducing PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip

We’re pleased to introduce Versico’s VersiFlex™ PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip! This new PVC Pressure-Sensitive Cover Strip is used for stripping-in flat metal edging and eliminates the need for costly PVC-coated metal or two-piece clip-on edge metal. During field testing and evaluation, contractors called this product a “game changer.” VersiFlex™ is compatible with a variety of metal […]

Versico Announces CAV-GRIP 3V Can Now Be Used With EPDM

Versico’s CAV-GRIP 3V Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer can now be used to bond VersiGard® EPDM to horizontal substrates for warranty terms up to and including 20-year, 90-mph designs. CAV-GRIP 3V providessubstantial productivity-boosting advantages on the jobsite: >Can be used in temperatures aslow as 25°F (-4°C) >VOC compliant and very low odor >Quick application with spraygun >Fast tack time […]

Versico’s DeckVent EPS

Versico’s DeckVent EPS Insulation is ideal for new construction projects with structural concrete or lightweight structural concrete roof decks. The use of DeckVent EPS in conjunction with the one-way and two-way relief vents allows the installation of the roof system to begin upon structural cure of concrete. Concrete decks can take upwards of a year […]

Versigard® Quick-Applied Overlayment Strip

Versico’s 70-mil VersiGard EPDM Quick-Applied (QA) Overlayment Strip is designed for stripping in gravel stops, metal edging, drip edges, and Versico Seam Fastening Plates.  Resists tearing, cracking, and abrasions in all weather conditions.  In addition, it speeds installation by up to 50% which can reduce labor costs.  To learn more about the benefits of this product along […]

Reformulated VersiGard EPDM V-150 Primer

June 21, 2018 Versico’s V-150 Primer is a solvent based product designed for one-step cleaning and priming of VersiGard EPDM surfaces prior to the application of Quick-Applied or Peel & Stick products. If you work with our Versico EPDM product please click to see the announcement regarding application of the reformulated product.  

Versico Freight Update

May 21, 2018 There continues to be an ongoing driver shortage plaguing the U.S. trucking industry. Unfortunately, these capacity constraints are expected to continue for the foreseeable future and are being exacerbated by high demand, low unemployment, increased e-commerce, and regulations requiring the use of electronic logging devices. The full bulletin will explain the reasons […]