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Proudly Offering the Best Commercial Roofing Products and Building Envelope Solutions Since 1994

Roofing Representatives: Your Trusted Partner

We are proud to offer top-quality commercial roofing and building products in Iowa, Nebraska, Western Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.


Welcome to Roofing Representatives, your gateway to premier manufacturing partnerships. Explore our curated selection of high-quality products from renowned names in Construction and Architecture. Satisfaction guaranteed as we connect you with the best in the business. Welcome to excellence with us!

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Bid Schedule

Roofing Representatives is actively monitoring numerous projects throughout Iowa, Nebraska, and Western Illinois. Our project list is regularly updated every week. Feel free to revisit and reach out to us for any inquiries or expressions of interest. If there are additional projects you believe we should be aware of, kindly inform us to enhance our service to you. Your satisfaction is our priority.



Find new information to consider when you’re working on your next building project. This includes key state and federal announcements, manufacturer announcements and more.

Who We Are

About Roofing Representatives

We take pride in offering the best roofing and building envelope products in the market for Iowa, Nebraska, Western Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota.  Our focus is to provide our clients with the right products to complete their projects on time and on budget.  We believe effective planning is crucial to the successful completion of any project. Before starting the project, our team of experts will first assess your goals, then we provide you with an estimate and timeline for completion. From beginning to end you will be involved every step of the way. No matter the size of your project we work to ensure you are getting the right products to complete your project on time and on budget.


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Steve Smith

Steve Smith

Founder, Roofing Representatives

What We Do

Our Projects

At Roofing Representatives, we take pride in the quality of our projects. Browse our portfolio to see our involvement in Iowa, Nebraska, Western Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

We Believe in Long-Term Partnerships

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