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Every roof is the same, right? Just needs to keep the water out, right? When it comes to making sure your roofing system can achieve the longevity you want and endure the weather common for your area you have to dig a bit deeper. In this article we’ll cover 3 ways a cover board can increase your buildings value.

1 – Puncture resistance

Insulation can be costly to repair and doesn’t withstand the impact a cover board can. Adding a cover board between the membrane and insulation helps safeguard your initial investment by adding a strong layer in the middle. This can help protect from puncture, compression from foot traffic and heavy HVAC/RTU equipment. Thermoplastic membranes tested in assemblies with 1/4″ DensDeck(R) Prime were 83% more puncture resistant, on average, than 1/2″ HD ISO or with no cover board at all. In Nebraska and western Iowa, in hail valley, you should absolutely consider puncture protection.

2 – The Pro’s

Not all cover boards are equal so it’s important to understand the pro’s and con’s of each and match that up against your goals. Questions to answer are if you want to plan for flame/smoke, do you need a thermal barrier, do you want to ensure it won’t shrink? The chart below summarizes some of the key features of 1/4″ DensDeck Prime with Eonic Technology compared to 1/2″ HD ISO.

3 – Expand your Asset

Savvy investors can develop additional revenue-generating opportunities by providing usable space atop their buildings. Rooftop entertainment features, green roof gardens, and solar paneling can all give your building a competitive advantage when attracting occupants, but the roof assembly needs additional strength to support these uses. Cover boards provide the compressive strength to support the extra weight of rooftop public spaces.

To learn more about cover board options and what might be best to use, reach out to your local Roofing Representative or email

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