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Mastering the Use of CAV-GRIP® 3V: Dos and Don’ts for Successful Roofing Installations

When it comes to installing fully adhered EPDM or TPO roofing systems, CAV-GRIP® 3V Low-VOC Adhesive stands out as an optimal choice. This low-odor adhesive offers fast drying, quick application, and an extended "open time," making it ideal for projects involving larger sheets. However, like any powerful tool, it comes with dos and don'ts to ensure a smooth and headache-free installation process.

The Dos:

  1. Keep Replacement Tips Handy:

  • CAV-GRIP 3V spray guns have brass tips for optimal spray patterns.

  • Always have a bag of replacement tips on hand to avoid wasted adhesive.

  1. Use a Splitter:

  • Consider using splitters with larger cylinders to double productivity.

  1. Store Properly:

  • Store cylinders above 70°F to prevent intermittent spray or "sputter."

  • Warm the product up before checking for clogs in the gun or hose.

  1. Secure All Cylinders:

  • Properly secure all cylinders to prevent accidents on the roof.

  1. Use the Right Gun:

  • Choose the right spray gun based on the roof area—extension wand for wide-open spaces.

  1. Keep the Gun Moving:

  • Avoid thick or puddled areas by continuously moving the spray gun during application.

  1. Adjust Technique if Necessary:

  • Adapt the distance between the gun and substrate for proper coverage, especially in windy conditions.

  1. Clean Up:

  • Reuse guns and hoses by cleaning with Low-VOC UN-TACK™ after depressurizing.

The Don'ts:

  1. Don't Wipe Adhesive Off the Spray Tip:

  • Allow adhesive to thicken on the tip and peel away when ready to spray again.

  1. Don't Shake:

  • Unlike some adhesives, shaking the CAV-GRIP cylinder is unnecessary and can disrupt the adhesive.

  1. Don't Tilt:

  • Avoid tilting or laying the cylinder on its side during application to maintain proper air pressure.

  1. Don't Mishandle:

  • Treat CAV-GRIP cylinders with care; they are pressurized tanks.

  1. Don't Overspray:

  • Avoid applying adhesive to areas where primer or tape will be used.

  1. Don't Install Membrane Too Soon:

  • Allow CAV-GRIP 3V to set up before installing membrane to prevent solvent bubbles.

  1. Don't Use Band Heaters in Cold Weather:

  • Opt for power-heated blankets or hot boxes to avoid over-pressurization.

  1. Don't Let a Disconnected Hose Sit Around:

  • Empty excess adhesive when switching hoses between cylinders to prevent curing.

For any questions about CAV-GRIP 3V or to schedule a product demo, contact your local Roofing Representative.

This article is courtesy of Versico Roofing Systems.

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