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Harnessing the Wind: Unveiling VacuSeal™ V2T Vent for Superior Roofing Solutions

In the dynamic realm of roofing solutions, Versico introduces the VacuSeal™ V2T Vent – a groundbreaking technology that transforms the way we secure roofing membranes. This innovative Vent Secured Roofing System is a comprehensive solution designed to harness the power of the wind, delivering a host of benefits that redefine efficiency and performance in roofing projects.

The Power of V2T Vent: How It Works

At the heart of VacuSeal™ V2T Vent is the Venturi Principle – a phenomenon where wind speed creates a vacuum, particularly when it exceeds the airspeed in surrounding areas. Each V2T Vent is strategically engineered to leverage this principle, creating a vacuum force that locks roof membranes securely in place. The greater vacuum force generated by each vent effectively counters uplift pressures, making it a reliable solution even in challenging weather conditions.

Features and Benefits

- Streamlined Installation:

  • VacuSeal systems substantially reduce the need for glue, ballast, or traditional fasteners, resulting in both time and labor savings during installation.

- All-Weather Application:

  • No cold-weather limitations for installation, offering flexibility and efficiency year-round.

- Durable and Versatile Design:

  • VacuSeal V2T Vents are constructed from UV-resistant PVC, ensuring longevity.

  • With no moving parts, these vents provide effective performance regardless of wind direction.

- Certified Performance:

  • UL Certified with uplift certification at an impressive 195 psf negative pressure, showcasing its reliability and resilience.

Installation Made Simple

Each application is carefully evaluated with the assistance of your Roofing Representative, who provides a customized vent spacing installation guide. This guide determines the optimal number and placement of vents for your specific project. The installation process is streamlined – lay the cover board, place the distribution strips to facilitate air flow, roll-out the membrane, mark and cut vent placement, then align and flash the vent per Versico’s specifications.

Connect with Your Local Roofing Representative

To delve deeper into the unparalleled benefits of VacuSeal™ V2T Vent and explore how it can elevate your roofing projects, reach out to your local Roofing Representative. Our team is ready to provide in-depth insights, answer queries, and guide you through the seamless integration of this innovative solution into your roofing installations.

Embrace Superior Roofing Solutions with VacuSeal™ V2T Vent

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your roofing projects with VacuSeal™ V2T Vent. Discover a solution that not only saves time and labor but sets new standards for durability and performance. Contact us today and embark on a roofing journey where cutting-edge technology meets reliability for unparalleled results!

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