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Safeguarding Your Commercial Roofing System in Hail-Prone Nebraska

Living in the Midwest comes with its own set of weather challenges, and in Nebraska, being part of 'hail alley' adds an extra layer of consideration for building owners, architects, and contractors. In the past year alone, Nebraska witnessed a staggering 54% of hail storms producing hail 1.25″ in diameter or larger, resulting in over $11.1 million in damages.

Understanding the Impact

Hail can wreak havoc on property, leading to substantial repair costs. In response to the increasing frequency of severe weather events, especially hailstorms, it becomes crucial for those involved in designing or building commercial roofing systems to take proactive measures.

The Solution: Impact-Absorbing Layers

One effective approach to mitigate hail damage is incorporating an impact-absorbing layer into the roofing system. This additional layer can significantly reduce damage not only from hail impact but also from foot traffic during regular roof maintenance. A notable choice for such applications is DensDeck® or DensDeck® Prime Roof Boards, known for their exceptional impact resistance.

Case Study: Proven Results

A case study from the manager of roofing programs for a major retailer with over 130 million square feet of low-slope roofing highlights the effectiveness of using DensDeck. In a Nebraska facility, golf ball-sized hail had previously crushed foam insulation layers and destroyed a single-ply roof. After rebuilding, 1⁄4″ DensDeck was added between the foam insulation and the membrane. In a subsequent storm with hailstones 4″ in diameter, the store's roof remained intact with no fractures in the membrane.

Visible Savings and Future Preparedness

The visible savings in this case study justified the investment in adding DensDeck to the roofing system. The manager emphasized that upon inspection, the DensDeck substrate showed no signs of damage and was ready for the next hailstorm. As a result, DensDeck is now specified in roofs located in areas prone to hail.


When it comes to safeguarding your commercial roofing system in hail-prone regions like Nebraska, incorporating impact-absorbing layers such as DensDeck can make a significant difference. To learn more about the benefits of a rigid cover board and how you can enhance the resilience of your roofing project, contact us.

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