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Unveiling Versico’s DeckVent EPS: A Game-Changer in Roofing Insulation

In a significant leap forward in roofing insulation technology, Versico introduces the DeckVent EPS Insulation – an ideal solution for new construction projects featuring structural concrete or lightweight structural concrete roof decks. This innovative insulation system, when used in conjunction with one-way and two-way relief vents, transforms the roofing installation process, offering remarkable benefits to project timelines and long-term quality.

The Ideal Choice for Concrete Decks

Concrete decks, common in new construction, pose unique challenges when it comes to roofing system installations. These decks can take an extended period, sometimes upwards of a year, to completely dry. Installing a roofing system on concrete that has not fully dried can lead to moisture-related issues in the insulation and roofing system.

How DeckVent EPS Works

DeckVent EPS, coupled with the strategic use of relief vents, allows the roof system installation to commence upon the structural cure of concrete. By doing so, the system facilitates the movement of air, preventing moisture-related complications that may arise from installing the roofing system before the concrete is fully dry.

Benefits Galore for Your Project

The adoption of DeckVent EPS brings forth a myriad of advantages for your project:

- Accelerated Project Timelines:

  • Roofing system installation can begin as soon as the structural concrete cures, significantly reducing project timelines.

- Long-Term Quality Assurance:

  • Prevents moisture-related issues in the insulation and roofing system, ensuring the longevity and performance of the entire roofing application.

Seamless Integration for Optimal Results

To gain in-depth insights into the features and benefits of DeckVent EPS and understand how it can be seamlessly integrated into your roofing project, contact your local Roofing Representative. Our dedicated team is ready to provide comprehensive information and guide you through the transformative advantages this roofing insulation solution brings to the table.

Empower Your Roofing Project with DeckVent EPS

Don't miss the opportunity to revolutionize your roofing projects with the game-changing technology of DeckVent EPS. Empower your project with an insulation solution that not only addresses challenges posed by concrete decks but propels your project towards accelerated timelines and enduring quality.

Contact us today to embark on a roofing journey where innovation meets efficiency for unparalleled results!

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